Online booking system for Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals

Boat Booking Reservation System


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Online booking system for Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals

"BOOKINGPLAN" Booking Platform  offers a complete Reservation Management System for boat rental agencies such as Luxury Yachts, Yachts, Yachts, Catamarans and more

Integrate your own vehicle booking system into your business website and get a powerful tool for managing your vehicle bookings, payments and availability.


Customer Reservation is Automated and Completed in 3 Single Simple Steps.
The Booking Process can start from your Website with a Booking Calendar or a BOOKING BUTTON.

In Step 1 you will enter the Boat Rental Date, the type of Rental as well as the number of Individuals (Adults - Children - Infants).

New option: Enter Partner Code for Partners to have a special price for each tour.

(The system can support unlimited Partners with special discounts)

The following is the 2 step where the customer sees the search results and chooses his / her tour.

Following is the addition of Extra Services such as Transfer from the accommodation and other services during the trip and complete with 3 Steps to Make Payment and Confirmation of Booking.

Cloud Based Vehicle Booking System

Bookingplan is a fully Cloud and Web Based software for car and car rental companies No server and PC installation required and no operating system.

The system installation time is approximately 24 hours.

Our Application can be integrated into an existing website maintained by the Rent a car / Moto Company and any management platform (Wordpress - Joomla ....)

We can also build your Website with your Reservation System built-in.

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Below is a list of features supported by default.
We can add any other functionality to the car hire system on request.

Create Unlimited Boat - Yacht charter Tours.
Προσθέστε προσαρμοσμένες τιμές για ενήλικες και Παιδιά.
Add Unlimited extra services for each tour separately.
The boat booking system enables you to have different extras depending on the type of excursion.

Add ( Partner code ) for Partners so that each tour has a special price for each reservation.
Select Booking Confirmation : Your customers' bookings can be confirmed in two ways:

1)  Pending mode ( Waiting for confirmation from Vehicle company) :
In order to confirm the customer's booking you must confirm this through the management system.
This way you will be able to check your reservations for any unavailability for high demand periods. .

2)  Confirmed mode ( Booking confirmation automatic ) : The booking is automatically confirmed.

Enter the general terms and conditions of booking using a plain text editor in all languages.


Ability to use the Reservation System for Rental per Person (Shared Bookings ) or per boat /tour ( Private Bookings )

Add prepaid amount per reservation with Percentage Advances.

Monthly Availability Plan for each boat trip.
    Organize your schedule with the automated, daily tour list provided by the system.

Multiple Payment methods.
1) Cash On Vehicle Pick-Up)
Online Credit

3) Credit card (offline)
4) Paypal Payment

The System is Secure and Reliable to secure customer booking details

You can set the days of the week that the System is available for each boat trip separately.
(For example every Monday to Thursday)

Enter the general terms and conditions of booking using a plain text editor in all languages.

  Automated alerts by email to customer and car rental company.
When you make a reservation, the system automatically sends an informational email with all information to both the customer who made the reservation and to the rental company.

Indicative Clients of the Booking System

boat and cruise booking system
boat and cruise booking system

Minibus Transfer booking system

Minibus Transfer booking system

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